Custom Work

The beauty of nature is limitless and inspiration can come from anywhere.  Therefore, R.A. Magnus designs should never be limited and our imagination endless.  We want you to feel the same way and that is why we offer a complete Custom Work program.  Distinctive designs, unique shapes, different materials – whatever you can think of, we will help you create!  Please follow our step-by-step instructions, and then visit one of our Dealer Showrooms to get your project started.


If you would like to change the dimensions of and existing item, please follow the steps below:  

       Select the model number of the item you would like to modify.  

       Create your item’s new dimensions.  We suggest “test” measuring the new dimensions where it will be installed to make sure you are satisfied with the size. 

       Fill out the “Custom Work – Item Modification” form.  

       Visit your local dealer showroom and get the project started!


If you would like to create a brand new design, please follow the steps below: 

       Sketch your idea for your very own R.A. Magnus design.  We also suggest finding pictures of other designs you like. 

       Fill out the “Custom Work – Original Design” form. 

       Visit your local dealer showroom and they will help you create your fully customized product!

We are also here to help with any special requests you might have including: 

       Making two sinks from the same piece of stone.  

       Creating customized stone tops in any shape or size. 

       Added features including integrated soap dishes and inlayed decorative designs.

       Providing matching stone tiles and backsplash. 

       Using a special material not usually offered.


* The sales staff at all of our dealer showrooms can help you with every step of the Custom Work process.  R.A. Magnus is also here to answer any questions you might have as you create your very own design!

* Custom Work projects are quoted through R.A. Magnus Dealer Showrooms.  Please visit one today!