All R.A. Magnus sinks and bathtubs are handcrafted from stone and copper.  We also use wood and iron to make our vanities, pedestals, and accessories.  Blocks of rough stone and sheets of unfinished copper are skillfully turned into works of art by our team of artisans.  Unfinished wood and raw iron becomes the base for some of our most beautiful pieces.  The natural variations of each material we use results in a one-of-a-kind piece that you will cherish.  Please explore the different materials we use and the endless possibilities with R.A. Magnus.

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            Travertine, a form of limestone, has been a useful and high quality building material since the time of the Romans.  The stone is formed when natural hot springs deposit a variety of minerals on the surface.  These deposits are aged, dried, and hardened to form a wide variety of travertine.  Often, the stone has naturally occurring pitted holes and troughs on its surface.  R.A. Magnus fills in these imperfections with a matching color of grout, leaving a smooth, non-porous finish.  Explore the full spectrum of travertine’s beauty and find the perfect color for your home.



            Marble has become a symbol of refined beauty and classical tradition.  Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to create some of history’s most iconic structures and stunning sculptures.  Even today, it remains a highly cherished building material.  Marble is an interlocking mosaic of minerals with characteristic swirls and veins of color.  Now this timeless material that has inspired so much beauty can become part of your home.



            Put simply, onyx is a form of quartz and quartz is a mineral.  However, the natural beauty and limitless color combinations of onyx cannot be described so quickly.   Colors range from white to black and include everything in between.  These colors combine in varied bands and streaks across the onyx giving each piece its own unique character.  During its long history, Onyx has been a favorite medium for carvings and jewelry.  Now R.A. Magnus carves our own works of art from this one-of-a-kind material.  The intricate beauty and natural wonderment can now be enjoyed every day.





            Appreciated for its beauty and versatility, copper has been a coveted metal since ancient times.  R.A. Magnus now uses this metal to create some of the finest handcrafted household products available.  Copper has a reddish, orange, and brownish color because of a thin layer of tarnish on its surface.  Known as “patina”, this layer forms gradually because of oxidation (continued exposure to air, namely oxygen).  However, patina can also be achieved through a chemical process allowing R.A. Magnus to offer a variety of finishes.  Copper is known for having a “living finish”, becoming more beautiful with age as it takes its place in your home.  

Available Copper Finishes: Weathered Copper, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel


            An element, a metal, but with heat and a forger’s skillful hand it can become art.  At R.A. Magnus we use this timeless material to create uniquely designed pieces to compliment our stone and copper sinks.  Many hours are spent heating and hammering, heating and hammering, then heating and hammering again.  Finally, the shape takes form and the iron has become a designer’s dream.  R.A. Magnus completes the iron by applying a variety of finishes making the new pedestal or vanity ready for your home.

Available Iron Finishes: Antique Pewter, Oil Rubbed Bronze




            Wood can be used to create almost anything.  At R.A. Magnus, we have decided to use this versatile medium to create the perfect compliment for our stone and copper products.  Our woodworkers use their skills to make cabinets, bases, stands, and accessories to compliment the natural beauty of our sinks.  R.A. Magnus completes the work with various stains and finishes as we transform a simple material into a cherished part of your home.

Rustic Pine Available in Light or Dark Stain

Hourglass Base comes in Dark Walnut